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Duplicate Printer Entries
Hi all!

Hope you can help me with my problem:

I edit a discoverd printer and change name, location and other entries in printer tab.
Next time when FusionInventory runs, the plugin creates a new object of that printer.

GLPI Version is 0.84.5, FusionInv. Verison is 0.84+2.2

Can anyone help me out?


I saw this message, I have the same problem, see here http://forum.fusioninventory.org/viewtopic.php?id=2541
The problem is the name of the printer, but I have no answer about this problem. (I think name is used in same time with serial number)

Have you found a solution to it ? How did you do with that ?
Contexte : GLPI 0.84.8/FI 0.84+3.5 / Agent FI

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