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Strange Results after Network Discovery and Network Inventory

we are currently evaluating GLPI v0.84.7 and FI 0.84+3.2. We have deployed one agent (version on an Ubuntu box and tried to use Network Discovery und Network Inventory.

There are several strange results, which we can not understand. The discovery finds and creates several devices and everything looks fine. But after a following inventory, there are duplicate network ports on various devices.

[Image: do9oiw.jpg]

1) First, after the discovery, the "management port" gets created
2) After the network inventory the other interfaces are created.

You can see there is the same mac address on two ports. The IP address is displayed on the "management port" but the other "real" port is connected to a switch. By the way, all informations are correct, but there should be only one interface, correct?

Something you can not see in the above screenshot:
After the first discovery+inventory the "management port" has an connection to Port N/A on an unknown HUB. This HUB is created every time the task run. Before i did the above screenshot i've delete this HUB.

Here is a screenshot of an discovered hp procurve switch, where can also see this mysterious "management port" and one hub (where almost all devices are "connected"), but they really don't exist:

(link in next post - too more links in message....)

The real problem on this is, that every network port which is connect to this "hub" gets never connected to the real port on the real switch.

These are our switches we currently use:
HP ProCurve 2650 (J4899A) H.08.02
HP ProCurve 2848 (J4904A) I.08.07
HP ProCurve 2510G-48 N.10.02
3Com Baseline 2952-SFP Plus 119

Also we use Zyxel NWA3160-N Access Points, they are duplicated each run of an discovery/inventory. There is no serial number detected for this device, but shouldn't there be a rule which is based on mac-addresses, so that a device isn't duplicated even if there is no serial?

Can anyone of you support us in getting this to work correctly?

Thanks in advance,
Here is the missing picture from last post:

[Image: 33v1dtc.jpg]
Verify LLDP is enables on your switches for the hub problem
Co-leader, official developper
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Hello david,

thank you for your quick response. I've checked all switches, and found one hp procurve where lldp is not actived respectively can not be activated because the firmware is to old and an update is not possible due an incompatible SFP Module. We are looking forward to find a solution for this. In the meantime, i've disabled snmp on this device for further tests.

After a new discovery and inventory the "unknown hub" is not created again (i've purged it before), so i think this should be the cause for this.

Also for test purposes i've deleted and purged all network interfaces of one printer. the "management" port appears again. As of the screenshot from my first post.

And of course, every scan-task the Zyxel APs are duplicated.

Greetings from the future. Did you find a solution to the problem? We have the same problem in 2018. Communicators see each other as a hub and, in inventory, "take away" the devices from each other. In order not to create unnecessary records, we had to remove the inventory of all other devices except the main switch.
We have the same problem. LLDP is enable. The LLDP correctly shows the link on the switch. FI after a new discovery and inventory creates a "unknown hub".

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