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GLPI 0.85.2 and Fusioninventory 2.3.10/2.3.14
Good Morning,
I have installed glpi 0.85.2 on windows 2008 server r2 with xampp 3.2.1.
I have problems in the deployment of the software:
-The Status of the task remains always prepared and no changes
-The FusionInventory - TaskScheduler in automatic actions is not executed even if scheduled every minute (Maximum automatic actions set to 10)
- The address for service in glpi FusionInventory and set to h**p://SYES-mgmt01:8080/Helpdesk/ (helpdesk is the root of glpi)
- The indizizzo set in the agent is h**p://SYES-mgmt01:8080/Helpdesk/plugins/FusionInventory.
-The Fusioninvnetory version for Windows uses the configuration via agent.cfg file or the configuration in the register?
thanks in advance
I have same problems,so install the old versions.

GLPI 0.84.8

Fusion Inventory 0.84+3.2

My tests enviroment: Ubutu Server 12.04 hosted in Microsoft Azure | GLPI 0.84.8 | FI 0.84+3.2

Agents tested: 2.3.12 and 2.3.15 its OK!

Hope this helps!

Edson Reis
I was experiencing the same issue. I was showing SQL errors because the code in the plugin was referencing a field in the task table that didn't exist. I applied the update that David made to correct that, and the agents began processing tasks. I am assuming the SQL error was making it so the plugin couldn't supply a list of waiting deployment tasks to the agent. Try applying this (http://forge.fusioninventory.org/project...3&type=sbs) and see it things start working.


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