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Download error on deploy
First, thanks to the FusionInventory team for for developing a great tool! It represents a lot of donated time and effort.

I have been working through several issues to get deployments working with GPLI 0.85.2 and plugin 0.85+1.0. I finally have the agents attempting to run my deployment tasks, but they keep failing on downloading the package. I have tried using both .exe's and .zip's with the same results. I can't include the log entries because the forum doesn't like the urls. Here is a link to a bitbin with the log entries. (http://bitbin.it/0eoH1yVY) I am at a loss as to how to troubleshoot it. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!


Could someone help me at least know where to go to troubleshoot this? Is there a specific log that will show why the download is failing on the server side? Could be be permissions? If I copy the download link from the logs and enter it into my browser I am presented with the GLPI log in screen.

Thanks for any help you can offer!

GLPI 0.85+1.1 fixed my issues! Thank you, David!
Yep, it's fixed Wink
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