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SNMP and Network Discovery - Config and run 0.84.8
I am ne user use GLPI 0.84.8 with Fusioninventory 3.5 on Debian 7.8
I have a problem and i dont know how works SNMP and NetDiscovery. I have a PC with Windows Xp, Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 and i have on this PC Fusioninventory Agnent 2.3.15

I set a range IP addres and set SNMP Community v1 v2 and v3
Then i configure TASK
Name Scan NET and then add JOB and set NETWORK DISCOVERY and set definition IP RAnge and Action set one of my PC with AGent( Have installed all -full)

When active this task it scan me a network and find only my network printers. read for example serial number but not read usage cartdrige toner and count pages.
When i set Network Inventory SNMP this job not work. Please explained me how i must configured it... to read all my devices in my network with all info... cartdrige usage and my switch CISCO SG300
On Switch i turn ON SNMP as describe in this manual:

Sorry for my english but i am from Poland Smile
Ok i resolved my problem and Fusioninventory finde switch and printers by agent on Debian...
But all printers show consumption cardridge but HP LaserJet Pro 401dne not show. Show only HP ETHERNET MULTI-ENVIRONMENT,SNTongueHKFG25574,FN:Z4520AH,SVCID:25014,PID:HP LaserJet 400 M401dne and. I set manual model SNMP 997742 because i see that it is model for this printer. And nothing still not swhow cardridge. Oki and Xerox show ok consumption cardridge. Please help me.

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