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enitity problem
I am running git build from March 9th @ 7pm.
when the fusion agent is discovering my servers it moves them to the root entity. I can define where discovered devices go but the agent stays in root. I have moved them back to the correct entity, however when the cron for the taskschduler is run the agents revert to root. This is new behavior from the original beta...
what go in root entity? agent of discovered devices ?
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just the discovered agents. My discovery for the subnets are defined as the correct entity and the devices arrive there correctly. It is only the agents that are they problem. They pull my servers out of the entity that I want them in and put them at the root.
I have the same problem.

The discovered agent under agent management are always in the Root Entity even if im logged-in as a different entity. I have also changed the user Plugin-FusionInventory's default profile to super-admin with my "New Entity".
Perhaps configure entities rules to put computer to entity you want Wink
Co-leader, official developper
DCS official PARTNER: dcs.glpi@dcsit-group.com
I will try this:
From the menu
Administration / Rules / Fusioninventory INVENTORY - Entity Rules
create a new rule
Criteria: Tag -- is -- *
Action : Entity -- Assign -- <New Entity>

Hope this works
Tried it, and here are the results:
1. import xml from file
- it creates an entry under the agents management with a computer already linked
- the entity is now correct (not "Root Entity")
- if I click on the linked computer, it shows the computer info, but if I access the list from the menu
Inventory / Computers, the list is empty (even if I change to "Root Entity")

2. submit inventory from inventory-agent
- it creates an entry under the agents management without computer link
- the entity still defaults to "Root Entity"
- no entries created under the Inventory / Computer list

my conclusion:
1. submission from inventory-agent automatically gets "Root Entity" - it doesnt check "Entity Rules"
xml doesnt get passed to the import rules.

2. Import from file checks the Entity-Rules and gets the correct entity.
passes the xml to the import rules and creates a new computer item but doesnt declare the correct
"Entity" causing the computer item not to appear on any of the Entity listing.

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