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Synology NAS DS210J SNMP
I have in network NAS Synology DS210J. It was find by network search and set SNMP v2c and model 997622. It was find by Unknow device. Why ? And what category is OK for this device ? I go to Unknow devices and manual set Netowrk devices and then save and then click on "Import unknown device into asset"

Why this device is not imported automatical. Maybe create category NAS ?

When i set type COMPUTER and then "Import unknown device into asset" , and when i go to computer and to this device i can not set SNMP for this device.

Please help me.

GLPI 0.84.8
Fusioninventory Plugin 3.5
Fusioninventory Agent 2.3.15
Debian 7.8

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