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No devices to SNMP Inventory
I faced a strange problem while trying to make an SNMP inventory for a switch. After preparing a job there is the switch I need to inventory in the list of the job, but when I am looking in the Fusioninventory Inventory Status page I see there are 0 devices to inventory is listed, and the does not any snmp inventory for the device.
I checked, there is a SNMP Authentication and Community are set for this device (it has been discovered by SNMP discovery job just before .. IP range is set only for one IP address of this switch .. So what else should I check?
Please advise.

Fusioninventory for GLPI version is 0.84+3.5

[Image: 2ujt3mb.png]
[Image: 2m4zxu0.png]

Well, after some tries with different versions of the agent on different machines, I have noticed that there is a problem only with the latest versions of Agent 2.3.14 and 2.3.15 ... those keep crashing before their start to invent the selected devices, therefore I see 0 devices to Invent (2nd picture).
Only old PC with Agent v.2.3.5 is finishing the inventory job as it should be ... but there are a lot of issues with interconnecting discovered devices between network devices .. so it not useless for that kind of job.
production: GLPI 9.4.5 + Fusioninventory Plugin 9.4+2.4+ OSC NG 2.7 (Centos7) + FusionInventory agent 2.5.2 64-bit (Windows7)

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