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Unknown devices in the Root entity
All IP phones connected to a switch that have been discovered by SNMP inventory job (as LLDP enabled devices on the switch) have been placed into the Root entity despite the fact that the switch is located in the other (SUB-Entity) than Root entity.
After importing and moving them to the right Sub-entity those phones from Unknown devices to GLPI inventory and adding additional information (MAS addresses have been listed in the XML but not updated in the Unknown device card) after running another Inventory job on this switch, those devices have been added again as unknown (and again in the Root entity).
The Agent is also located in the Sub-entity and not in the Root..
So, my question is - is this a feature or maybe I am doing something wrong?
production: GLPI 9.4.5 + Fusioninventory Plugin 9.4+2.4+ OSC NG 2.7 (Centos7) + FusionInventory agent 2.5.2 64-bit (Windows7)

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