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VMWare inventory: ESX support disabled server side.
Hi to all,
i'm new to the GLPI community.
I have installed GLPI with fusionInventory plugin.
On my client (windows) i have installed fusionInventory 2.3.16 as a service (runnging on default port, trusted ip)
The GLPI server is: 0.84
The fusion inventory plugin is:

I have enabled on the GLPI all the modules but when i force inventory (client side) i get the following errors in the log:

[Wed Apr 15 20:42:15 2015][info] running task ESX
[Wed Apr 15 20:42:15 2015][info] ESX support disabled server side.

Any help is really welcome!
It mean you have no task prepared on server for ESX inventory
Co-leader, official developper
DCS official PARTNER: dcs.glpi@dcsit-group.com
but on the server i have created a task.
I have assigned it to the fusionagent of the client where vsphere client is installed.
that fusionagent have the esx module active (server side).
I don't understand what is missing.

How can i post image to show you my configuration?

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