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fusioninventory agent problem with netdiscovery

Fusioninventory agent seems to be stuck in NetDiscovery.
I've observed on windump and it has run over a whole network from first to last IP. ping/snmp and then nothing happens.
The status page show running netdiscovery
GLPI fusioninventory show that the task is still in running state.
Netdiscovery is broken? running on windows 2012 R2 Agent version:
- 2.3.16
- 2.3.15
- 2.3.14
- 2.3.13
never finish netdiscovery.

2.3.12 works.

I tried 2.3.16 on w2k3 r2.
as service it does stuck on snmp netinventory.
When run from command line it works fine.

what is wrong ?

GLPI 0.85.3 and fusioninventory 85.+1.1

Is there a known bug in 2.3.13 and higher I am missing ?
I am having what sound like the same issue. If I keep it to a single IP range it will finish, but multiple IP ranges causes it to get stuck. Did you figure out anything out other than rolling back the agent to 2.3.12?

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