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How to Resolve custom 404 error?
Hello All user,

Please help me to resolve custom 404 page, my website work with Magento.

Hello @taanyarawat here are some tips which might be helpful to resolve your problems.

Check the folowing:

1- System->Configuration->general->Web->secure Base URL:your-site.com (be sure you are in the right shop site from the top left of the system)

2- System->Configuration->general->Web->Default Pages Default Web URL: cms (yes just cms) CMS Home Page: select your cms page Default No-route URL: cms/index/noRoute

3- Check your server has rewrites otherwise System->Configuration->general->Web->Search Engines Optimization Use Web Server Rewrites: No

4- Something wrong with your .htaccess replace the file with the one in your original installer.
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Yup.. I had also did this, it will help you to solve the problem.
Our web hosting control panel gives you the option to set your custom 404 error page. You can do this from the Subdomain Manager - there you can set a custom 404 error page for each subdomain.

You can however set your own custom error pages using .htaccess as well. Here is how you can do this - create an .htaccess file or use the existing one and put the following line in it:


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