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FusionInventory Agent TAB in Computer listing in GLPI

I've encountered problem lately that agent in FI for GLPI in agent tab has addressess like:

My GLPI handling two domains in two independent locations.
And with FIA 2.3.13 I had addresses like

All FIA 2.3.16/2.3.17 gives me addresses:

Am I doing something wrong or there is some regression in hostname/fqdn resolution?

Thanks in advance for help!
try http://computer_name.domain_name:62354 from trusted hosts

When you install FIA you give at least 1 trusted host, so from this trusted host, launch a browser and try to contact the computer
@asko - it's not what I mean.

I know I can write by hand in my webbrowser proper address and it will be available.

But in GLPI Agent tab in computer information there are status page with addresses.

Firstly I thought that this is a bug with FIA version, but now I'm almost sure that in Linux client FIA save client address without domain part.
With Windows clients I have http://fqdn:62354

Is it any way to repair it, so Linux client in GLPI in status page of FIA will have http://fqdn:62354 ?

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