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Switch SNMP Queries

today I have set up a server with OCS 1.3.3, GLPI 0.72 and Fusioninventory 2.2.2.

We already have a complete OCS DB which we import to GLPI using the massocsimport plugin.

The agent was able to discover our switches and to do snmp queries and show the switch ports information in GLPI.

So far so good, but is it possible to display which of our servers are connected to the individual ports?

I have seen, that the information required to map a learned mac address to a port, is contained in the OID list of the SNMP Queries:

<WALK OBJECT="dot1dBasePortIfIndex" OID="." VLAN="0" LINK="dot1dBasePortIfIndex"/>
<WALK OBJECT="dot1dTpFdbAddress" OID="." VLAN="0" LINK="dot1dTpFdbAddress"/>

And by comparing the MAC address with those of the devices in the GLPI DB, it should be possible to find the device.
Our switches are Allied Telesis and we use SNMP Model 3282896. Our switch models aren't exactly the same as those listed in the model description but the significant OIDs match.
Can you send me a mac on a port and the complete snmpwalk by mail d.durieux@siprossii.com ?
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Thanks for the quick reply.

I have sent you the information.

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