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Deploy package- uploaded file location server

What is the location where the file is stored when i create a deploy package on the webserver?

(/www/html/glpi/files/_plugins/fusioninventory/upload ...?)

The problem is that my agents don't receive the file, but no error appears and the log has reported no problems.

But the files i've "uploaded" can't be found on the server when browsing alle the directories.

Is there any restrictions on uploading .exe in fusioninventory, like GLPI itself with documents?

Thanks for any help.
In the screen you defined the packages, the files have a strange name. This is the manifest name

website/glpi/files/plugins/fusioninventory/files/manifests give you the name of the uploaded files

website/glpi/files/plugins/fusioninventory/files/repository/i/ij give the uploaded files where i and j are the 2 first letters of file name
Thanks for the info.

Deploy is working now.

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