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Status fields (computer) is resetting + lock system

I am facing some problems with FusionInventory each time it's reporting system update from computer agents to server :
it's resetting the computer fields "status" with default value in Plugin> FI > general settings > Computer inventory> default status
This is a new behaviour, i never faced it before. (i did an upgrade to 9.1.6 of glpi + FI components, then update to 9.2 glpi + Fi components)
I tried to play with the lock system Under Plugin> FI > general settings > lock system (my UI is in french so i'm sorry if it's not exact words) but when i'm ticking some fields then saving it, it's not apllying to my computer list, is it normal ?
I also tried to edit lock system directly from a computer card, without better result.
Another strange thing with this lock system, Under Plugin> FI > general settings > lock system, everything is untick, but some of my fields in computer card are stil randomly lock, and if i go to lock system Under computer card, its say to me "there is no lock on fields ...."

Here is my questions :
Is there any way to stop this field to move automatically ?
From my thinking i see 2 ways : with this lock system (that doesn't work properly or i can't understand how this is working), or by rules from import (but here for sure i don't understand how to do that)

System Under Suse 12 php 7, glpi stable version 9.2 + FI 9.2+1.0. Windows agent x.21 via service.

Many thanks for any advices or tips.
Kind regards,

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