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Wrong Operating System Name

I am using fusion inventory 9.2+1.0. Suddenly some Windows based computers begin to report their os as MacOSX. I uninstalled fusion plugin from glpi and reinstalled it. No change. And then I uninstalled/reinstalled fusion client on problematic computers, updated latest version but then again no change. They are still reporting as MacOSX. And I cannot delete OSX from Computer's Operating System tab. When I try to delete it says operation successfull but Osx is still there. I looked at logs to find an error related. I saw following line in php-errors.log bu I dont know if it is related.

2017-12-15 13:44:40 [380@helpdesk]
*** PHP Notice(8): Undefined index: name
Backtrace :
...ry/inc/inventorycomputerinventory.class.php:573 PluginFusioninventoryInventoryComputerLib->updateComputer()
...inventory/inc/inventoryruleimport.class.php:790 PluginFusioninventoryInventoryComputerInventory->rulepassed()
inc/rule.class.php:1436 PluginFusioninventoryInventoryRuleImport->executeActions()
inc/rulecollection.class.php:1461 Rule->process()
...ry/inc/inventorycomputerinventory.class.php:378 RuleCollection->processAllRules()
...ry/inc/inventorycomputerinventory.class.php:126 PluginFusioninventoryInventoryComputerInventory->sendCriteria()
...fusioninventory/inc/communication.class.php:234 PluginFusioninventoryInventoryComputerInventory->import()
...fusioninventory/inc/communication.class.php:463 PluginFusioninventoryCommunication->import()
plugins/fusioninventory/front/communication.php:93 PluginFusioninventoryCommunication->handleOCSCommunication()
plugins/fusioninventory/index.php:59 include_once()

Any help?

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