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Exclude windows update in GLPI software
Hi, I would exclude the Windows updates in the software import using Fusioninventory.

In the GLPI dictionary setup I inserted the rule to classify these updates.

Where have I to complete the setup to block this rule?
In GLPI or in Fusioninventory?

Best Regards.
Hi glpi.al,
I moved your question to FusionInventory for GLPI forum as it wasn't really about agent.
Hi, I have de same problem. I tryed to Rules in GLPI But dont work

Administration > Rules > Rules for assigning a category to software



Criterion is Software > Condificion = Contains > Rease = KB


Fields: To be unaware of import > Action Type = Assign > Value = YES

But dont work
I Solved this problem in Administration / dicionaries.

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