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I can't invent more than 6 PCs
Hello everyone!
I am a veteran of GLPI and OCS but new to fusioninventory.

I have a most curious problem.
I installed on my CentOS 7 GLPI 9.2.3 and added the Fusion Inventory 9.2+2.0 plugin.
I installed the agent for Win 64 on 6 computers, and it's all right up to here.
The problem is, I can't inventory more than six teams. When I install the agent on another computer, one of the already invented ones is deleted. WTF!
I explain myself better, when computer1 is invented, computer2 is deleted from the GLPI. And vice versa!

I don't quite understand what's going on. The computers do not have the same name or IP address.

Any idea what that might be??

Thank you so much for any help.


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