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How always attach computers to a entity?
I use FusionInventory v9.2+2.0-RC1 on GLPI v9.2.3
By default, all computer informations are on root entity.
But I would like all computers are on "AAA" entity (for example)

I add a rule "Rules->Computer entity rules"
with this action:
Fields: Entity
Action type: Assign
Value: root Entity > AAA

=> no succes.

I add a criteria (always true):
criteria: computer's name
condition: regular expression matches
reason : /.*/

=> no succes.

How to always attach computers to "AAA" entity?
Thanks for your help.
In Administration -> FusionInventory -> Agents Management, informations are displayed
but not in Assets->Computers.
To see them, I have to go to "Agents Management" and clic on "Computer link" then set "Child entities" to yes

How to do that automatically?
By the lack of answers, I'm guessing this can't be done automatically?

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