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Dear colleagues,

I need a help, in the company where I work I was able to install GLPI and Fusion Inventory on linx server and on Windows 7 stations. All the data being collected.

Now I would like to collect data from all SMB computers where we have a partnership from diferente companies.

Since it has no VPN or direct link, I created an account in the NO-IP and installed on the GLPI server.

In my router, I created a rule of PORT FOWARD, REMOTE ANY IP PORT 62354 TO LOCAL_SERVER_IP PORT 62354.

On the client computer I installed FUSION AGENT for the following site: HTTP://no_ip_site:62354/glpi/plugins/fusioninventory/.

However the GLPI does not detect anything. On the client computer I can run my Apache normally.

What will be missing?

Is there another easier way to do it?

thank you!

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