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Link monitor deleted
We have a problem with monitors linked with computers. In computer's logs I can see this log:

Plugin_FusionInventory (7) Monitor Delete a link with an item: S22E450 (528)

So the link between monitor and computer has disappeared, we don't know why because the monitor is still connected to the computer. Anyway, I can't find a way to make the next agent inventory, detect the monitor and add the link to the inventory.

In GLPI, Fusion-Inventory->Rules->Equipment import and link rules I have the next configuration but in each update of the agent doesn't recognize or establish the link between the computer and the monitor:

Monitor update (by serial): YES
Monitor import (by serial): YES
Monitor import denied: NO

I have GLPI 9.2.1 and Fusion Inventory 9.1+1.0

Do you know how can I retrieve the link to the monitor in the agent's automatic inventory?

I have checked and in xml inventory file (Import information tab of a computer with unliked monitor) shows correctly Monitors tag/section, for example:

<NAME>Monitor PnP genérico</NAME>
<TYPE>Monitor PnP genérico</TYPE>

So, I think that it's not an agent problem. I don't understand why the monitor doesn't appear in the connections section.

What can I do?


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