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Windows 10 1903 and Timeout reached on <specific class> WMI objects
After upgrading various clients to Windows 10 1903, many fusioninventory agents 2.5 and 2.4.3 started to get "Timeout reached on <specific class> WMI objects" errors.
So, for example, if the timeout is in the OS info, an empty "OS name" is sent to the GLPI server and (even if the OS name vas already present) that field is automatically emptied.

backend-collet-timeout is already set at 600 (the maximum).

The same (slow) machines with Windows 10 1903 with fusioninventory agents 2.4.2 have no problem.

Any ideas?
Hi luca.tolomelli,

a github issue has still been opened which seems to be related:

That github case is more specific and seems to only be related to antivirus inventory.

Do you confirm your issue is not specific and you have a WMI time-out on other inventory case ?

You may want to try to set "no-category = antivirus" to see if that's more related to only antivirus inventory.

On my point of view, something goes wrong with 1903 windows release and I hope this will be fix with a hotfix soon.
Hi (^_^)

I already tried by putting in "no-category" almost all the categories (antivirus included), but to no avail.

I don't know why 2.4.2 works correctly with W10 1903, while 2.4.3 & 2.5 have the WMI timeouts.

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