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'Create task easily' step absent
Hello to all,

My FusionInventory for GLPI v.2.4x test environment is as following:

.- The server
.- Ubuntu Server 10.04.3 LTS (Lucid Lynx) - Architecture AMD64
.- OCS Inventory NG Management Server v2.0
.- GLPI v0.80.2
.- GLPI v0.80.2 Agents
.- FusionInventory for GLPI v2.4.0 (NightBuild 20110908-0905)
.- FusionInventory v2.4.0
.- FusionInventory INVENTORY v2.4.0
.- FusionInventory SNMP v2.4.0
.- Shell Commands v1.4.0
.- Bays Management v1.2.0

.- The agents
.- FusionInventory-Agent v2.1.10 (for Windows)
.- FusionInventory-Agent v2.1.9-3 (for Windows)
.- FusionInventory-Agent v2.1.9-3 (for GNU/Linux)

When you go to

Home> Plugins> FusionInventory> IP range configuration
Select a IP range and
Click in 'Permanent task - Network discovery' or 'Permanent task - Network inventory (SNMP)' tab

you create directly, with out previos confirmation, a new task in Home> Plugins> FusionInventory> Task management.

I think is a better aproach in FusionInventory for GLPI v2.3.6 where you must click in 'create task easily' to create the task realy. It's more clear.

I suggest the following:

a) Ask for a confirmation when you click in 'Permanent task - Network discovery' or
'Permanent task - Network inventory (SNMP)' tab, or better

b) Change these tabs for links, or buttons, with names 'Create a permanent task - Network discovery' and
'Create a permanent task - Network inventory (SNMP)' , or something like that.
Tomás Abad

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