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Agent can not be linked to Computer in different Entity???
Hi all,
I use GLPI 0.80.5 on Centos and some FusionInventory-Agents_v2.1.13-1.
No Problem with the installation, seems all works fine so far.

But, where can I define to which Entity this Agent belongs to?

By default it is in "Root entity", but the Computer where this client is installed is in a deeper Entity.
If I switch to the entity for this computer, I also can see the Client - because in the settings I chosed "Child entities: YES".

Now I wanted to link the computer to the Client Agent. I can see the Computer in the DropDown field and I can select it.
But there is no Update button available.
Seem it is not possible to link an Agent from "Root Entity" with the Computer which is in anohter, but related Entity. Which is understandable.
But then it must be possible to define to which Entity the Agent belongs to.

Who can help please?? Thanks in advance
I think you can Trnasfer an agent to any target entity from the Root entity (there is a dropdown menu under the list of agents) ..
production: GLPI 9.4.5 + Fusioninventory Plugin 9.4+2.4+ OSC NG 2.7 (Centos7) + FusionInventory agent 2.5.2 64-bit (Windows7)
Thank you - yes - seems sometimes it does not bring all the Entities in the dropdown field. I added them new and now I can Transfer

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