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0.8.0+1.2 beta - Deployment
Server SL5, Client Windows 7 x64
When I create a deployment task, there are a some questions I have.
1) Where on the server is the uploaded package stored?
2) What does the Periodicity do? Does it set how often the task runs again?
3) Bug?? When you go to Deploy -> Deployment Tasks, add tasks - there's no add button to add the task after you fill in details. This works from the FusionInventory -> Task Management tab though.
4) Bug?? Uploading a package seems to fail from Opera 11.60, gives "failure" with no details. Works in Firefox 10 ESR.
5) What is Deploy -> deployment Status supposed to show? I've created a test task (which failed, though I'm trying to work through it with details from 1)) but it never showed up as failed on this tab. Nor any logs. This is with the beta agent on Windows.
6) In the commands definition of a Package... if I type in install.exe, will it look for that in the unzipped result of the zip file I uploaded - i.e. relative path?
7) Do I have to also define an uninstall? If I do so, when is it fired? I'm assuming all this is to be somewhat like the WSUS Local Update Publisher tool where the periodicity can keep checking to make sure something is installed and if not it will install it again? And if some other defined state is reached, it would uninstall?
1) file are splitted and stored in files/_plugins/fusinvdeploy/packages/
2) periodicty allow a task to be run regulary
3) MSIE issue? Can you try with Firefox? if so, can you please open the bug.
4) Can you please open the bug report on the forge? http://forge.fusioninventory.org/project...issues/new
5) Why did the task fail?
6) the agent do a cd in the temporary directory by itself
7) uninstall is optional and can be used when you create a task. When you will create a Task, you can select the package and decide if you want install or uninstall in the “Module” field
Please contact Fusioninventory Partners companies if you look for a FusionInventory on site expert.
Thanks. 3 and 4 I've submitted bugs for. On 5 I'm not sure why it failed, I'm looking for details and will respond.

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