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Agent not trying to do SNMP Query/Discovery | snmpv3 issue?

first: our versions:
GLPI 0.80.1
fusioninventory-agent_rhel-5.6-i386_2.1.14-1.tar.gz on the same host

We have an issue discovering and querying some Cisco switches. They are reachable only with SNMP (ICMP and everything else is denied by a firewall).

The switches only have SNMPv3 allowed and the correct credentials are configured in Fusioninventory.
However, when running a discovery Task, the Agent tries ICMP, Netbios and Port 80, but not SNMP:

This is from the Agent log:

<RANGEIP ID="7" IPSTART="x.x.x.x" IPEND="x.x.x.x" ENTITY="0">
<AUTHENTICATION ID="5" COMMUNITY="public" VERSION="3" USERNAME="readonlyuser" AUTHPROTOCOL="xxxxxxxxxxxx" AUTHPASSPHRASE="xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx" PRIVPROTOCOL="xxxxxxxxxxx" PRIVPASSPHRASE="xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx">

[debug] =END=SERVER RET======
[debug] Core 0 - Thread 1 deleted
[debug] [192.168.x.x] : Netbios discovery
[debug] [192.168.x.x] : SNMP discovery
[debug] [192.168.x.x] Not found
[debug] Core 0 - Thread 0 deleted
[debug] sending XML
[debug] =BEGIN=SERVER RET======
[debug] $VAR1 = '<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
[debug] =END=SERVER RET======
[debug] [task] end of NetDiscovery

Same thing, with SNMP Query:
Added Network device in GLPI with correct: IP, SNMP authentication, SNMP model

Created and startet a scan. The agent receives the XML with the scanning info, but we see on the firewall logs, that it is not even trying port 161.
We tried different versions of the agent and Fusioninventory.

Is this because we are allow SNMPv3 only?

Strange, I must try it with my switches
Co-leader, official developper
DCS official PARTNER: dcs.glpi@dcsit-group.com
i enabled v2 on a single switch just to test it and it works Smile
So we have broken v3 :/
Co-leader, official developper
DCS official PARTNER: dcs.glpi@dcsit-group.com
I confirm that.
snmp v3 is broken.
snmp v1/2 works perfectly.
Hello good,

  How to activate the SNMPv3 configuration? or snmpv3 not working?
  I have a Nagios agent, released as pull. I would like to know the steps to configure a snmpquery by v3

  I created a tag: lab-SNMPv3 with all the connection data for SNMPv3 user password and password encryption and encryption.
  When I make a task force as v3 doesn't discover anything, I return it to launch as v2 and I discover any change in any switch.

any ideas?

Thank you.

A greeting.
hi all.
first post in this forum.
i've changed Live.pm to get v3 to work by setting user, authtype, crypttype, encpw and the authpw in the source ... and it works :-)

is there a known problem ?

if not .. to debug this issue ... what module on the glpi-server hands over the v3 settings ?

( i searched but wasnt able to find any snmp v3 how to . )

thx & greetings

btw: glpi & fusinv are realy amazing Smile
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