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Graphics card being placed in "Component" and not "Graphics Card"

We are running fusioninventory-agent-2.5.1-2 on Centos 7 workstations. Some of the gpus are being correctly categorised as 'Graphics Cards' However some are remaning in 'Components'. This means searches are not intuitive 


      <CAPTION>GM200GL [Quadro M6000]</CAPTION>
      <NAME>GM200GL [Quadro M6000]</NAME>
      <TYPE>VGA compatible controller</TYPE>

What is the best procedure for correcting this as I can see the Product ID correctly listed in pci.ids

17f0  GM200GL [Quadro M6000]
17f1  GM200GL [Quadro M6000 24GB]
It would be ideal if there was the ability to recategorise a Component in the database to another hardware category such as a Graphics Card. If there is a way to do this would someone be able to advise, that way we are not reliant on Fusioninventory to make this determination.
Answering my own question here. It appears that the fusioninventory Video.pm contains a check to parse the Xorg information and determine the Video card type. This was failing due to the code not being able to determine the PID and path. Solution is to point the script directly to the Xorg log file. Example:


if ($xorgPid) {
        #my $link = "/proc/$xorgPid/fd/0";          ### failing task
        my $link = "/var/log/Xorg.0.log";                ### hardcode to Xorg log file
        if (-r $link) {
            $xorgData = _parseXorgFd(file => $link);
                action => 'reading Xorg log file',
                data  => $xorgData
        } else {
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