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Computer (Device) list with any limit ?
I have configure GLPI and Fusion Inventory. Seems installed agent in more than 200 computers and list showing only 173. If I run agent at client side which are not showing in list then on server it remove other computer's entry and showing latest computer in which I have run agent manually.

Kindly advice.

Hi sukarechhe,

this means some update and import rules set up in the plugin are recognizing some computers as being the same. This can happen if a computer is reporting the same serial or the same uuid than another. Do you use some virtualization system ?

Can you also report your GLPI version ? FusionInventory for GLPI plugin version ? And agents version and system ?
@gbougard, Well, first of all thanks for response.

All systems are physically attached with network, No virtualization.

1) GLPI version : 9.4.4
2) FusionInventory for GLPI plugin version : 9.4+2.1
3) agents version : v2.5.1 and in some system getting error while executing "perl fusionInventory-agent" so I have installed "v2.5.x-develop-108" developer version as suggested on forum somewhere
4) system : Windows, Linux and Mac. You want me to send configuration ?

You should probably update the plugin with the latest which has few interesting fixes.
For the agent, 2.5.2 was released in december and you should also upgrade where possible.

A point to be clear, when you're talking about 173 computers in list are you talking about inventoried computers seen in GLPI or about the agents list found in "General" -> "Agents management".

Are you using mastered computers ? If yes, some agent will share the same machineid and the agents list won't report as agent as computers. To fix that, you need to remove var/FusionInventory-Agent.dump file and restart the service on all concerned computers.
Ok, I will update and let you know. Thanks

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